MIST Philly 2017 Top 4 Nationals Qualifiers!

Congratulations to everyone! Hope to see you all at Nationals inshaAllah!

Overall Individual

  1. Natasha Chowdhury (North Penn- MN)
  2. Mustapha Salau (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  3. Nadira Kaleem (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  4. Saman Zaman (Devon-Spring-Ford)

Overall Team

  1. North Penn High School
  2. Muslims of Lehigh Valley
  3. Devon-Spring-Ford
  4. Devon-Conestoga High

Arts Category

2D Islamic Art

  1. Najah Siddiq (Central Lancers)
  2. Aamnah Amanullah (Devon-Spring-Ford)
  3. Atika Haque (North Penn High School)*
  4. Nycera Waller (Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy)*

3D Islamic Art

  1. Natasha Chowdhury (North Penn)
  2. Ibnat Hamidi  (North Penn)
  3. Arwa Newton-Cobbs (CCA)


  1. Rania Almoraisi (ISD- Newark Charter)
  2. Mubassirah Sharif (North Penn High School)
  3. Sanaa Amanullah (Devon-Spring-Ford)
  4. Prem Ganesh (Devon-PV Vikings)

Fashion Design

  1. Afra Anan (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  2. Hafsah Mansoori (ISD- Newark High)
  3. Saman Zaman (Devon-Spring-Ford)
  4. Nuzhat Tabassum (North Penn High School)

Graphic Design

  1. Zain Shafi (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  2. Laylah Jones (CCA)
  3. Moonsad Islam (North Penn High School)
  4. Joy Ahammad (North Penn High School)

Culinary Arts

  1. Taqiyah Abdul-Qayyum (AAP)
  2. Sabir AbdusShaheed (CCA)
  3. Anaum Bhatti (Devon-Upper Merion Vikings)
  4. Muhammad-Baasim Kazi (Devon-Conestoga High)

Knowledge & Quran Category

Test One

  1. Natasha Chowdhury (North Penn – MN)
  2. Kulsoom Mohammad (Devon-PV Vikings)
  3. Zumana Noor (ISD- Newark High)
  4. Ibnat Hamidi (North Penn High School)

Test Two

  1. Nabiha Syed (ISD-Wilmington Charter)
  2. Nadira Kaleem (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  3. Moonsad Islam (North Penn High School)
  4. Baasit Khawaja (Muslims Of Lehigh Valley-Southern Lehigh)

Test Three

  1. Sarah Ahmad (North Penn High School)
  2. Fahim Dhrubo (North Penn High School)
  3. Hamna Chaudhry (Devon-Upper Merion Vikings)
  4. Zayneb Curtis (CCA-KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy)

Test Four

  1. Safiya Topiwala (Devon-Henderson Warriors)
  2. Sameerah Muhsin (CCA – Agora Cyber Charter)
  3. Mubassirah Sharif (North Penn High School)
  4. Mohammad Rouf (Central Lancers)

Brothers’ & Sisters Quran Memorization Level 1

  1. Mustapha Salau (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  2. Zayd Shakkar (CCA – Motivation High School)
  3. Hajer Sabil (Central Lancers)
  4. Wassy Jalal (North Penn High School)

Brothers’ & Sisters Quran Memorization Level 2

  1. Tasniem Abadalla (Devon-Conestoga High)
  2. Anaum Bhatti (Devon-Upper Merion Vikings)
  3. Habeeb Salau (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  4. Ibrahim hammoudeh (Northeast Vikings)

Brothers’ Quran Memorization Level 3

  1. Nasif Islam (North Penn High School)
  2. Ma’az Zaman (Devon-Spring-Ford)
  3. Ahmad Hamid (Devon-Conestoga High)

Writing and Oratory Category

Prepared Essay

  1. Ayesha Syed (Devon-Conestoga High)
  2. Natasha Chowdhury (North Penn – MN)
  3. Amena Turki (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  4. Kashaf Zaman (Devon – Spring – Ford)

Extemporaneous Essay

  1. Maha M. El-Sheikh  (Girls High)
  2. Sajida Fahima Halimi (Northeast Vikings)
  3. Nadira Kaleem (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  4. Moonsad Islam (North Penn)

Extemporaneous Speaking

  1. Samiha Rahim (North Penn)
  2. Mustapha Salau (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)
  3. Fozia Mohamed (Central Lancers)
  4. Zeynep Tuncer (ISD – MOT Charter)

Short Fictional Story

  1. Adiba Bhuiyan (North Penn)
  2. Kulsoom Mohammad (Devon – PK Vikings)
  3. Doha Salah (Northeast Vikings)
  4. Ahmed Khan (Muslims of Lehigh Valley)

Poetry Literature

  1. Hasanah ABdul-Qawiyy (CCA – PA Virtual Charter School)
  2. Anusha Khan (Neshaminy High School)
  3. Mohammad Nur (North Penn)
  4. Zara Saba (ISD – Newark Charter)

Poetry Spoken Word

  1. Omar Bakri (AAP)
  2. Zayneb Curtis (CCA – KIPP DuBois Collegiate Academy)
  3. Hira Khattak (Devon-Methacton Warriors)
  4. Nada Abuasi (ISD-MOT Charter

Brackets Category

Math Olympics

  1. Arshad Shaik (Devon-Conestoga High)
  2. Wassay Jalal (North Penn)
  3. Farraz Haider (Devon-PV Vikings)
  4. Najah Siddiq (Central Lancers)


  1. Devon-Spring-Ford
  2. Devon-Conestoga
  3. CCA
  4. ISD- MOT Charter

Girls Improv

  1. AAP
  2. Muslims of Lehigh Valley
  3. Northeast Vikings
  4. North Penn High School

Boys Improv

  1. CCA
  2. North Penn High School
  3. Northeast Vikings
  4. Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy


  1. Muslims of Lehigh Valley
  2. Devon-Spring-Ford
  3. Devon-Upper Merion Vikings
  4. North Penn High School

Group Projects

Nasheed-Rap Boys

  1. Muslims of Lehigh Valley
  2. CCA
  3. North Penn
  4. CCA – Mastery Lenfest Campus *

Short Film

  1. Devon-Spring-Ford
  2. North Penn – MN
  3. Muslims of Lehigh Valley
  4. ISD – MOT Charter

Business Venture

  1. Muslims of Lehigh Valley
  2. North Penn
  3. Muslims of Lehigh Valley – Southern Lehigh
  4. Devon – Conestoga High

Social Media

  1. ISD- Newark High
  2. North Penn
  3. Muslims of Lehigh Valley
  4. ISD – Newark Charter

Science Fair

  1. Muslims of Lehigh Valley
  2. Devon-PV Vikings
  3. Central Lancers
  4. ISD- Newark High

Community Service

  1. Central Lancers
  2. North Penn
  3. ISD – Newark High


Basketball Boys

  1. Fried Chicken, Devon-Conestoga High, Devon-Spring-Ford, Devon-PV-Vikings
  2. CCA – Motivation High School, CCA, CCA – Upper Darby High School, CCA – Multi-cultural Academy Charter School, CCA – Lower Merion High School, CCA – Mastery Lenfest Campus
  3. North Penn High School
  4. Muslims Of Lehigh Valley-Lehigh Valley Academy, Muslims Of Lehigh Valley-Southern Lehigh, Muslims of Lehigh Valley

Basketball Girls

  1. CCA, CCA- Agora Cyber Charter, CCA – DuBois Collegiate Academy, CCA – Upper Darby High School, CCA – PA Virtual Charter School
  2. North Penn High School,
  3. Al-Aqsa Islamic Academy
  4. Northeast Vikings, Devon-Great Valley High School, Devon-Methacton Warriors, Devon-Henderson Warriors, Devon-Spring-Ford, Devon-Conestoga High

* The incorrect winner was announced at the Award Ceremony. We sincerely apologize for the mistake- the rankings listed above are the correct rankings.

Early Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines for Written Submission Documents
  • Typed and Double spaced
  • Size 12 font, Times New Roman
  • All submissions must be in PDF format.
  • A written statement is required for all early submission competitions, which should be included on a separate
    page at the end of your document, or submission.
  • Have a cover page with the title, MIST ID and name of competition. Competitor name or other identifying markers
    should not be anywhere on the piece.
  • Label your document in the following format: “MISTID_COMPETITIONNAME” for example “123-7869_PreparedEssay”.
  • Email subject field: “MIST ID, Team Name, and Project”
*Note MIST Philadelphia has the right to dock points from your piece if the above format of titling your pieces is not followed
for early submission.
**Make sure to check the rules pertaining to your competition for Written Statement. All the competitions do NOT have
the same requirements.
***MIST Philadelphia will accept late submissions only for the next 24-hours after the submission deadline AND dock points for tardiness.

PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO: phillymist.competitions@gmail.com