Knowledge and Quran

Knowledge Tests: Choose one book from the options of four, and take a test on it. The test is comprised of a set of questions and a short essay portion to judge reading and comprehension. The test will be closed book, and no more than four students from the same team can register for the same book. But, even if multiple competitors from the same team are registered, the tests are individual.

Quran Memorization: Test your memorization and recitation of the Quran in Arabic, according to tajweed (rules of recitation). Level 1 is for beginners and Level 2, 3 and 4 are for more advanced competitors. The judges will begin to recite a random verse from any Surah within the collection that correlates to your level, and you are prompted to continue until the judges motion to stop. This competition is split between males and females, and a maximum of four competitors from the same team can compete per gender (so in total, eight – four boys, four girls) for LEVEL 1 ONLY. For levels 2-4, only two competitors per gender are allowed. Final ten points are given for being orally tested on basic Tajweed rules.


Culinary Arts: **Regionals only competition** The Culinary Arts competition challenges students to produce original, unique culinary creations related to the year’s theme. Students will be judged on the taste, technique, presentation and originality of their culinary creations. This competition consists of Culinary Arts submissions, a printed Written Statement, and an interview portion conducted by the judges’ panel. The dish created by the competitors will be the same (ie. 2016’s challenge was cupcakes). Ingredients must of course, be halal. Being a regionals only competition, winners will not have the ability to compete in Nationals. No more than 2 students per team may register for this competition, with individual submissions only.

2D Art: Are you an aspiring painter? Do you doodle more than writing notes in class? Put your inspiration on canvas with the 2D art competition! Any form of 2D art is accepted, for example, a painting, drawing, etc. No distinct facial expressions can be drawn, as according to Islamic rules. Artwork must be mounted on something that leaves a 1-2” border, and will be submitted on the first day of MIST weekend. Art must correlate with theme, and a one-page (500 word max) essay explaining the piece must be submitted along with the work. You will also take a 5-minute interview during the competition where you will be asked of purpose and inspirations. No more than two competitors per team can register and it is individual submissions only.

3D Art: Think you have what it takes to be the next great sculptor? Is clay your ultimate inspiration? Show us your skills in the 3D art competition. All rules from 2D Art apply, along with: 1. Submissions must be three-dimensional; 2.Artwork should also be placed on a board/incased in something for easy carrying. The board can be made of any material sturdy enough to carry the artwork; 3. 3D art should be sturdy. Judges are looking for artwork that is well put together. Please note that your work may be moved around on several occasions, and it should be robust to handle these multiple moves.

Fashion Design: You don’t just love fashion, you design it! Get inspired by the MIST theme to become the next fashion phenomenon. You have two options: Either you make a portfolio of 3 Female outfits + 3 Male outfits OR 6 complete outfits of either female or male. Designs must be modest and acceptable for a Muslim to wear. Each participant will take a 5-minute interview on the day of, and only 2 competitors per team are allowed to compete. This is NOT a group effort, submissions are individual.

Graphic Design: If you’re the Photoshop or Illustrator whiz that everyone goes to for event flyers, the graphic design competition is for you. Pixelate away! A typed short explanation of the artwork, no more than one (1) page (500 words max.) must be included with the artwork. The explanation will include what the artwork is about, how it relates to the theme, and what inspired the participant to make it. Up to 2 competitors from each team may participate.

Photography: Not only do you carry around your camera with you all the time, but you see everything as an opportunity for the perfect photo. Those other artists, yeah, they’re cool – but you prefer a lens and the darkroom for your creative pursuits. The pictures must be bound in some way to reflect a portfolio and must be at least 8×10 in size. A typed statement about the artwork, no more than one (1) page (500 words max.) must be included. The explanation will include what the artwork is about and what inspired the competitor to make it, as well as specific answers to the interview questions. Up to 2 students per team can participate.

Writing and Oratory

Extemporaneous Essay: Competitors are allotted 60 minutes to compose a handwritten essay on a randomly selected topic related to the theme. Out of three randomly selected topics presented at the time of competition, students must choose one topic for their essay. The topics will be relevant to the annual theme. No more than 2 students per team can participate.

Extemporaneous Speaking: The art of extemporaneous speaking is not for the faint-hearted. Delivering a coherent, engaging, and moving speech, is easy enough, right? Now try doing that on the spot with only 15 minutes of preparation! Out of three randomly selected topics presented at the time of competition, students must choose one topic for their speech. The topics will be relevant to the annual theme. A limit of 2 students can participate per team.

Original Oratory: Competitors present a memorized original oration within a seven (7) minute period. The oration must relate back to the theme, but also be applicable to a general audience.The Orator must provide 3 COPIES of his/her script to be turned in during the competition orientation. A limit of 2 students per team may participate.

Poetry: Competitors must submit an original piece of poetry never before published within a 40 line limit. The piece must clearly relate back to the theme, but also be applicable to a general audience. A limit of 2 participants per team may compete.

Prepared Essay: Have you been inspired by this year’s MIST theme? The prepared essay competition is perfect if you’re looking for an outlet. This is your chance to be creative and persuade us on the significance of your chosen topic. Share the passion! The written essay shall be a minimum of 1,500 words and a maximum of 2,000 words and must be printed with a cover page on standard 8.5×11 paper. No more than 2 participants per team may compete in this competition.

Short Fiction: Competitors are to submit an original work of fiction no longer than 10 pages that relates to the theme and can also be applied to a competitor-defined target audience. Illustrations are permitted for younger intended audiences. Submissions must be submitted two weeks prior to MIST Weekend. Up to 2 participants from each team may compete.

Spoken Word/Slam Poetry: If you’re more of the performer type of a poet, then spoken word is for you! Here’s your chance to convey your passion and originality, all while inspiring those around you in one of our most popular competitions. The competitor must provide 3 COPIES of his/her piece to be turned in during the competition orientation and the piece may not be longer than six minutes. A limit of 2 participants per team may participate.


Debate: Are you great at winning arguments? Do you have the poise of a public speaker and the convincing tone of a scholar? Join debate to compete with others who are just like you. Parliamentary Debate is a Bracket Competition, which stipulates that it is an elimination competition. There are two rounds of Preliminaries, one Quarterfinal Round (top 8 teams), one Semifinal Round (top 4 teams) and one Final Round. This is a 2 member (no more, no less) team competition. Topics can be found on Which side you will be on (Defensive, Opposition) will be picked randomly on the day of the competition, so make sure to be ready for arguments on both.

Math Olympics: Think you have what it takes for the olympics? Earn the title of true Math Olympian in this intense battle of numbers. An understanding of only Geometry, Algebra I & II and Statistics & Probability are sufficient for a participating student. A limit of 2 students from each team may register in this competition.

MIST Quiz Bowl: Does the sound of a quiz bowl buzzer and recalling knowledge in seconds give you an adrenaline rush? Then MIST Quiz Bowl is the competition for you! Packets with information needed to compete can be found on once released. A minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 members per school can form a team, with up to 4 competitors playing per round.

Improv: This competition is a fun way to display your creativity under spontaneous and timed circumstances. Each team must impress the judges in various hypothetical scenarios while under pressure to think on their feet and make the audience laugh! This competition consists of three (3) rounds with two (2) games each. Each team will perform the first game, and once all teams have performed, we will move on to the second game. Winners marked by the judge may move up to semifinals and finals. A maximum of 6 members for Brother’s Improv and 6 members for Sister’s Improv may compete from each school.

Group Projects

Business Venture: This competition encourages you to think about the business world, become a philanthropist, and market your own products. Familiarize yourself with modern trends and market values, while developing your own fantastic product or service! Competitors must submit a proposal of their desired project four (4) weeks prior to the date of the MIST tournament for approval by your Regional Competitions Headquarters. Project ideas must be original and innovative. Submissions must be the entrepreneur’s original idea – proof of origination should be available if requested by the judges. The business idea may be new or already implemented. A minimum of one (1) and a maximum of six (6) people can register for this competition.

Nasheed: Calling all aspiring singers! The nasheed/ rap category is ideal for anyone who desires to write unique lyrics and use their singing skills to capture people’s attention about topics they are passionate about. The performance should not exceed more than 5 minutes. The only instrument that can be used for the performance is a drum with an open end (daf). Nasheed’s must be an original work, and repeat performances from previous years will not be accepted. A minimum of 1 and maximum of 6 competitors can compete per brothers or sisters teams from the same school.

Community Service: A new competition that is a combination of Research Methods and Community Service; Show us your next great research idea by focusing on your community. How can you improve your community? Conduct a research project that demonstrates your intellectual and critical thinking capabilities. Come up with a creative and effective plan of action to serve a need. Identify a problem – now solve it. Students are required to submit three copies of a research paper (1,500 – 2,000 words), and at least one visual aid, such as a three-paneled display board, videos or slideshow presentations. A minimum of 1 to a maximum of 6 members may compete per team. Students will be allotted 5-7 minutes to present their projects, along with a 2-3-minute interview from the judges.

Science Fair: Are you an aspiring scientist? Do you love research? Then this competition is for you! Design, conduct and share the results of your own study to a panel of esteemed judges. Don’t forget to use the scientific method! A research paper of 5-7 pages along with visual aids are required. Presentations must be between 7 and 10 minutes long. A minimum of 1 and maximum of 6 members from each team may compete.

Short Film: Showcase your editing, directing, and acting skills! Make a documentary, drama, comedy, thriller or animation to convey a particular message to the audience while relating your film to the MIST theme. Each group will submit no more than one typed page explanation of the film. The Film group will be allowed 3 minutes to explain: how they made the film, what the purpose behind the film is, and what inspired them. The film itself may be no longer than 7 minutes. A minimum of 1 and maximum of 6 members can register for this competition, but more the 6 members may be included in the making (ie. as actors/actresses).

Social Media: Have media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter taken over your life? Have you started either reading or seeing more blogs? Take your online social habits to the next level by creating a social media presence for your MIST team! The competitor must create a blog for their MSA or MIST team. The social media platform selected should be updated based on the competitor’s assessment of what publishing frequency is appropriate for that chosen platform, in a variety of text posts, images, videos, etc. A typed explanation (of no more than 1000 words) is required. A minimum of 1 and maximum of 6 competitors may compete per team.


BASKETBALL! Bring your skills to the court and show everyone what your team is made of! All official NBA rules apply, this is NOT streetball! The Basketball tournament will take place prior to the actual MIST weekend. A maximum of ten (10) students per team may compete in either brothers or sisters basketball. In the chance that a team has too few members, schools may be allowed to combine with each other for an equal playing field.

*A more detailed description of the rules and regulations of each competition can be found in the rulebook released by MIST National Committee at under the “Compete” tab.

Board Clearance

MIST Philadelphia prioritizes the safety and wellbeing of your children throughout the entire course of MIST leading into the weekend of. It is of utmost importance that we ensure our fellow board members, those of the executive, general, and the directors themselves are void of criminal records.

A background check takes effect weeks prior to MIST weekend as a safety measure for the students, volunteers and guests joining MIST weekend. You may rest assured that your son/daughter is in good hands.





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