Parents Guide

What is MIST?

The Muslim Inter-Scholastic Competition was founded over 10 years ago in Houston, Texas, and has grown into over a dozen regional chapters from California to Pennsylvania. Each year thousands of high school students compete at the regional level, with top students moving on to compete in the annual national tournament over the summer! But don’t be misled by our name, MIST is open to competitors of all different faiths and backgrounds!

MIST is a fun, educational, and interactive program packed full of different competitions and workshops. Geared towards promoting a deeper and personal understanding of Islam, this weekend-long series of competitions and activities include a wide selection of competitions, ranging from Quran memorization, to Arts and poetry, to even Basketball!


Our mission is to bring together high schools students from all over the region to a well-mannered, self-improving environment. The tournament is conducive to healthy competition in order to build character and a sense of community. By doing so, MIST provides students the ability to overcome their differences their weaknesses and allows competitors to develop:

  • Vital leadership aspirations
  • Individual Talents
  • Invaluable bonds of friendship
  • Healthy communications
  • A sense of unity
  • Priceless tools of creativity

What to expect


Any high school student, from any faith, may participate by representing their high school. To do so, prospective competitors must first form a team. Once a team is established, all that needs to be done is to register by the deadline and pay the accompanying fee either online or in-person with a registration representative.


Every team needs at least one coach above the age of 21, but teams may have as many coaches as they would like. Coaches attend for free and serve as chaperones for the weekend. Ideally, coaches are motivated to unify and guide their team to victory!

Competitor responsibility

Competitors are expected to fulfill their obligations as a member of their team and a member of MIST Philly. In doing so, they should have all necessary material handed in by their respective deadlines. Some competitions require early submissions as early as 4 weeks ahead, so competitors must be continuously updated and on task so as to not lose points. Competitors are to have school ID or their report card the weekend of. Failure to present an ID may result in a major team penalty or disqualification, but they may still attend the rest of the weekend. Once given a MIST ID, students are obligated to have it on them throughout the weekend. As most competitions ask for MIST ID instead of names, failure to identify yourself through your MIST ID will result in point loss.

Timeliness and attendance of workshops is vital to an attending competitor. Leaving the tournament or loitering without a valid excuse will result in major point deduction or worse, depending on the situation.

MIST emphasizes on acting accordingly to Islamic mannerisms. Any discriminatory, promiscuous, violent, or other indecent/demeaning behaviors will be given consequence, whether to the team or the individuals themselves. Dressing professionally is also required; be sure to follow the MIST Dress Code (found on

Health and venue forms

In case of an emergency, emergency contact form submission is required of all competitors. The form will primarily ask for full names, phone number, and possibly health insurance. The venue/university requests liability forms in terms of responsibility of the MIST team. MIST itself requires forms from those younger than 18 to be signed off by a parent for admission to MIST Weekend and to insure no occurrences involving food allergies or other medical issues may be of concern