Category II: arts


Culinary Arts

Pilot Competition

The Culinary Arts competition challenges students to produce original, unique culinary creations related to the year’s theme. Students will be judged on the taste, technique, presentation and originality of their culinary creations. This competition consists of Culinary Arts submissions, a printed Written Statement, and an interview portion conducted by the judges’ panel. The dish created by the competitors will be the same (ie. 2016’s challenge was cupcakes). Ingredients must of course, be halal. Being a regionals only competition, winners will not have the ability to compete in Nationals. No more than 2 students per team may register for this competition, with individual submissions only.

2D Art

Are you an aspiring painter? Do you doodle more than writing notes in class? Put your inspiration on canvas with the 2D art competition! Any form of 2D art is accepted, for example, a painting, drawing, etc. No distinct facial expressions can be drawn, as according to Islamic rules. Artwork must be mounted on something that leaves a 1-2” border, and will be submitted on the first day of MIST weekend. Art must correlate with theme, and a one-page (500 word max) essay explaining the piece must be submitted along with the work. You will also take a 5-minute interview during the competition where you will be asked of purpose and inspirations. No more than two competitors per team can register and it is individual submissions only.

3D Art

Think you have what it takes to be the next great sculptor? Is clay your ultimate inspiration? Show us your skills in the 3D art competition. All rules from 2D Art apply, along with: 1. Submissions must be three-dimensional; 2.Artwork should also be placed on a board/incased in something for easy carrying. The board can be made of any material sturdy enough to carry the artwork; 3. 3D art should be sturdy. Judges are looking for artwork that is well put together. Please note that your work may be moved around on several occasions, and it should be robust to handle these multiple moves

You don’t just love fashion, you design it! Get inspired by the MIST theme to become the next fashion phenomenon. You have two options: Either you make a portfolio of 3 Female outfits + 3 Male outfits OR 6 complete outfits of either female or male. Designs must be modest and acceptable for a Muslim to wear. Each participant will take a 5-minute interview on the day of, and only 2 competitors per team are allowed to compete. This is NOT a group effort, submissions are individual.

Fashion Design

If you’re the Photoshop or Illustrator whiz that everyone goes to for event flyers, the graphic design competition is for you. Pixelate away! A typed short explanation of the artwork, no more than one (1) page (500 words max.) must be included with the artwork. The explanation will include what the artwork is about, how it relates to the theme, and what inspired the participant to make it. Up to 2 competitors from each team may participate.

Graphic Design

Not only do you carry around your camera with you all the time, but you see everything as an opportunity for the perfect photo. Those other artists, yeah, they’re cool – but you prefer a lens and the darkroom for your creative pursuits. The pictures must be bound in some way to reflect a portfolio and must be at least 8×10 in size. A typed statement about the artwork, no more than one (1) page (500 words max.) must be included. The explanation will include what the artwork is about and what inspired the competitor to make it, as well as specific answers to the interview questions. Up to 2 students per team can participate.