Category I: knowledge & quran


Choose one book from the options of four, and take a test on it. The test is comprised of a set of questions and a short essay portion to judge reading and comprehension. The test will be closed book, and no more than four students from the same team can register for the same book. But, even if multiple competitors from the same team are registered, the tests are individual.

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Knowledge Test:

Test your memorization and recitation of the Quran in Arabic, according to tajweed (rules of recitation). Level 1 is for beginners and Level 2, 3 and 4 are for more advanced competitors. The judges will begin to recite a random verse from any Surah within the collection that correlates to your level, and you are prompted to continue until the judges motion to stop. This competition is split between males and females, and a maximum of four competitors from the same team can compete per gender (so in total, eight – four boys, four girls) for LEVEL 1 ONLY. For levels 2-4, only two competitors per gender are allowed. Final ten points are given for being orally tested on basic Tajweed rules.

Quran Memorization: